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Personal, uninhibited, straightforward

In every tailor-made advice, we look for the ultimate mix of the right furniture, refined natural materials such as beautiful marbles and luxury woods, and one of a kind decorations. We continuously pay attention to the identity of the residents and the connection between inside and outside. We have all the expertise in house with which we realize projects at home and abroad. Whether it is a single accessory that gives the current interior a nice boost, or a complete turnkey project: every customer is welcome. Our advice is always personal and tailor-made, with the right balance between beauty and liveability.


Rare & Wonder

Raw refined

In our continuous search for suitable elements to create the ultimate living experience, we started designing and developing it ourselves under a private label. This has created a timeless and unique collection of furniture and accessories that breathe the powerful RAW-DNA. As our Private Label by RAW is tailor-made, we can respond even better to specific wishes. It is the perfect addition to our extensive collection of top brands.

An amazing interior, over and over again.

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